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What are your terms?
     All merchandise is sold on a firm sale basis.


How do I pay for the order?
Initially all new accounts require payment in advance by either bank transfer, credit or debit card or cheque in UK Sterling or Euros. After a few orders we may review your credit history and offer you a credit account.


Do you supply racks or other merchandising systems?
We offer customers several options for displaying and selling our shirts. Full details can be obtained by speaking to one of our sales team.


Do you accept returns?
Normally we only accept products for return if they were incorrectly sent or damaged upon receipt. All returns must be authorised prior to being shipped back to our warehouse at your cost.


How do your t-shirts come packaged?
We offer three options for packaging our t-shirts; branded plastic pillow packs with Euro hooks, plain polybags and unbagged. Our pillow packs are ideal for shop use as they can be hung and show the product on the packaging.


How do I place an order?
     Once you've become a Completely Independent Distribution customer you can order through our website, by email, phone or fax.


Do you sell 'copyright-approved' products?
No, Completely Independent Distribution only produces and sells officially licensed products. Completely Independent Distribution is also one of the founding members of Trade Mark and Rights Holders Against Piracy (TRAP).


Can you offer me a cheaper price than your advertised ones?
Completely Independent Distribution is able to offer discounts to chain-store customers or customers wishing to buy regularly in bulk quantities. Prices are negotiable upon request.


Which countries do you sell to?
We are limited as to where we can sell our products by our licenses. In most cases we can sell our products to customers based within the European Union, although some of our product lines are available worldwide.


How will my order be packed?
     All products are supplied packed in boxes containing 40, 50 or 100 products. Larger orders are supplied on pallets.


Are your prices inclusive of VAT?
     All prices quoted are exclusive of 20% VAT.


How will I know about new releases and promotions?
We have various ways of informing you about new releases and promotions. Our website is linked into our product management system and shows all products that are currently available and also forthcoming releases too. We send a regular email update to all customers with our forthcoming releases. We also produce various promotional sheets throughout the year which are mailed to customers who request them.


Do you charge for delivery?
All orders are sold on an ex-works basis which means that you, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.


Do you have a minimum order?
In most cases there are no minimum order levels however we reserve the right to decline supply if it does not meet our commercial criteria.




I am a designer or illustrator. Do you accept unsolicited artwork?
     We accept unsolicited ideas for non-music designs. Fees are negotiable.


How should I submit artwork?
     If you have an unsolicited design or idea that you wish to submit please email it to us at licensing@cidmerch.com. Please note that attachments much be less than 250k in size otherwise our system will reject the message. We will do our best to acknowledge all emails in due course.


Can I use your t-shirt designs on my website or school project?
       Sadly in most cases our licenses don't allow us to give you permission to reuse the designs.




How up-to-date is your website?
Our website is directly linked to our SAP product management system and therefore should accurately reflect our current range at all times.


I am looking for a particular t-shirt but it doesn't appear on your site. Why not?
If we have previously sold the t-shirt it might be that either the design has been superseded by a new one or that we no longer are licensed to produce the item you want.


How do I order through your website?
To be able to order through cidmerch.com you need to have a wholesale account with us and get an online password set up. To do this speak to your sales contact and they will arrange for online access to be set up on your account. Once you have online access you can log-in to the site and then browse through the product catalogue. To order a product click on the 'more info' button and enter the quantity you which to order. Once you have done this will all items you want submit the order from the cart area of the site.


How will I know if the items I require are in stock?
Because of the way stock allocation takes place it isn't always possible to guarantee that all items you require are in stock. If you order items that are unavailable we will contact you to offer alternatives.


Are the prices I see 'standard prices' or personalised ones?
     All prices you see are personalised to your account.


I'm not a shop or retailer. Can I still buy your t-shirts and merchandise online?
   If you want to buy t-shirts for your personal use you can order them directly from Loudclothing.com.